we are dreaming – life got out of control…
living by principles, it seems the dream may come to a happy awakening…


Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

Every decision based on fear is the wrong decision. Not because of the outcome, but because of its motive.

When we are young, life’s problems seem black and white. But as we grow older, life seems to become more complicated and the answers shrouded in shades of gray. But, as a shaman and spiritual practitioner moving into mid-life, I once again have started to see life as black and white, or rather that everything stems from two primal emotions: love or fear.

The shades of gray, which are reflected as fear, guilt, depression, and indecision can be remedied by acknowledging that as the creator of your dream, you cannot make decisions without bias or projecting your fears. You cannot see beyond your limited perspective without help from a guide who can see outside this dream, beyond your tiny scope, who knows the best outcome, not just for you, but for everyone.


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