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Ok.. I had missed this article… Thanks to Heather, I found it. Here is a summary and link to the emerging understanding of quantum physics and Quantum Theology..
Much Thanks to William!

Teilhard de Chardin


One of the great contributions that Teilhard de Chardin made to Christian theology is his reconciliation of traditional Christian theology with evolutionary biology. Science has continued to advance. Discoveries in the past 100 years, from the Big Bang to particle physics provide additional evidence in support of the monotheistic belief that there is an intelligent Creator of the Universe. Moreover, the strange world physics of quantum mechanics also supports the notion that this Creator is relational, similar to the Christian belief in the Trinity.

I am not a scientist and do not pretend to understand anything more than the basics of quantum physics. However, George Farahat of the blog Today’s Questions does have background in quantum physics and did a great job of synthesizing quantum physics and the triune God in a recent blogpost. I encourage you to read the entire post here, but set forth below is…

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