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.Akiane Kramarik. Prince of Peace painting


Akiane Kramarik

a child prodigy

Painter, Poet and Pianist 

has encounters with Jesus since she was four. 


Akiane is so far as is known, according to my research, one of very few visual art child prodigies to master realism. Realism is, according to the experts, the most difficult to form of art to master. She’s created a few hundred paintings as she’s seen her visions. Some are awe-inspiring of Heaven, which Akiane says she has seen, through revelations.



“I cannot believe this, you were only 8 years old
when you painted this [Prince Of Peace]…”

Katie Couric NBC, Katie Couric Show



Here is a short video clip that overlays her Prince of Peace painting onto the Shroud of Turin image.



Here then is the story of another young person that is able to connect to the unknown for inspiration and to bring forth incredible talents. I’ve featured just a few now. I’ve looked into dozens more. Personally, I am of the belief that these young people are inspired from within but that their connections within link strongly to an eternal source that most of the world suspects may not exist.  I have a few more and some stunning remarks to make in the near future… stay tuned.


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