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Managing to find personal freedom may require lots deeper awareness, greater acceptance, and refining actions and then again, maybe it isn’t so difficult as all that this implies if all that this implies actually is greater importance than accessing freedom. I agree, I am as free as I believe myself to be free when I am doing God’s will. As God’s children, we are free. That ought be all that we need to know about freedom. Now is my moment of divine freedom, personal freedom to be God’s son.


Image courtesy of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net. Image courtesy of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net.

America has summertime holidays of freedom – Juneteenth commemorates the announcement of African American Slaves freed from slavery; we also celebrate freedom from British rule on the 4th of July. As we look upon these holidays as reminders of our freedom, we should also review what freedom means to each of us today, in terms of physical, spiritual, emotional, financial and spiritual.

Have you assessed how free you are to be yourself? Do you feel restricted in any areas of your life? If so, what areas and where are these so-called restrictions coming from? Do they feel like outside forces crowding in on you or do you feel like it is yourself that limits the freedom you feel in a situation?

Make a list of what in your life right now allows you to feel as free as you can possibly be. Now, make another list of areas…

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