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Part One on Self-Esteem

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
by Nathaniel Branden

1. The Practice of Living Consciously
2. The Practice of Self-Acceptance
3. The Practice of Self-Responsibility
4. The Practice of Self-Assertiveness
5. The Practice of Living Purposefully
6. The Practice of Personal Integrity



Branden introduces the six pillars — six action-based practices for daily living — providing a foundation for self-esteem and explores the central importance of self-esteem in the five areas of the workplace, parenting, education, psychotherapy, and the culture at large.


No one may be successful if bypassing their basic needs for self-esteem. The ego is not a thing to fight against. It is not even available for debate. The ego is a sense of needs that we may mistakenly believe is the self. However, by opening to greater self-awareness, we come to understand that the ego is just a function of temporary needs messages. I hope that this program and the related links are helpful. I know I attain growth by reviewing of these basic life skills.



“Acceptance and self-love fit together like a hand into a glove… without acceptance of what is there is a rebelliousness of mind and self-love being thereby impossible, a person is without the deepest appreciation there is and thus helpless and powerless over a life that is tipping toward out of control.”

“What’s the point in your life ? Maybe you want to be rich, popular, socially powerful, … And if this is the wrong way… And finally the only thing you need is to know who you really are deep inside.”

“Self-acceptance could be the key to a happier life, yet it’s the happy habit many people practice the least.”

“It can be difficult when we’re faced with ideas that challenge our own and, though we may wish to be open-minded, we may struggle with the act of it from time to time.”

“We devise and cling on to fairy tales of supposed happiness. We hold on also to futile regrets. Its time to let go and to focus instead on what is actually happening; without judgment.”



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