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In truth, we are skin-covered Petri dishes containing trillions of cells.”


Chemistry in the brain and body
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

the biology of belief

A human being is not a “single” living entity, we are actually a community of upwards of fifty trillion sentient cellular citizens. In truth, we are “skin-covered” Petri dishes containing trillions of cells. The culture medium in our bodies is the blood. Consequently, the fate of our body’s cells is influenced by the composition of our blood in the same manner that the fate of cultured stem cells are influenced by changing the chemistry of the culture environment (Note: Yes, the above has already been stated in other posts in the biology of belief blog).

The big question then amounts to, “What controls the chemistry of our blood, which in turn influences the fate of our health and biology?” As mentioned above, the trillions of cells comprising our bodies are organized into a massive community, within which cells take on specialized functions to support the life of the community. Some…

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