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I am discovering amazing healing information since connections in June at Facebook. I had avoided Facebook for several years. However, you might have noticed I was less active at this blog a bit at a time. Now, I am returning here with a lot of new ideas and understanding. You know it will be about healing and serenity — that is sure.

I will be here less than I had been. I hope to begin writing more again and there is much still to learn from hundreds of research articles that are piling up in my bookmarks. I love all of my good wordpress friends. 

I am in a great light and this is a good place to be; I am stronger and happier, and serenity is sweet. I will be researching more though and posting less it may seem — here at wordpress. Certainly, I will make every effort to visit all of your blogs and share comments as much as I can.

I made some wonderful discoveries that I want to write about. 2014 is a good year for me.  


So – let’s look at human energy and light today – biontology precisely:

Similar to magnetic induction in metal wires, the human electromagnetic field can be felt and can influence other people. From your experience, do some people create a feeling within you when you are close to them?

  • When close to some people, you may feel as if your body and mind becomes more energised, more hopeful and optimistic.
  • When close to other people, you may feel as if your energy drains away, a depressing or lazy feeling.




Scientific studies have shown that our bodies emit a faint glowing light that regulates our biochemical processes. Human beings, like every life form, each have a unique energy signature and light. When signals from another origin may disturb the integrity of light, symptoms may appear. Disruptive signals may for example originate from bacteria, vaccinations, cell phone radiation, trauma or bad relationships.

Biophoton Therapy has proven to significantly benefit people with a wide range of conditions: Allergies & Asthma, Anxiety / Depression, Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular, Chronic Fatigue, Crohn’s Disease, Disorders Migraines, Dyslexia, EMF disturbances, Environmental Illnesses Gallstones, Glaucoma, Hashimotos, Herpes, Hormonal Imbalances, Immune System, Lyme Disease, MS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Nose / Throat Polyps, Prostate Problems, Shingles, Sports Injuries, Thyroid imbalances.

In this illuminating interview, Johan Boswinkel explains the theory of Biontology and how this faint light can be used to detect illness and support a healthy body. Johan Boswinkel, Johan has been working with biophotons since 1982. He, together with Dr. Schwab of Schwab Technologies, Germany, co-engineered the Chiren measuring instrument.

This program, I promise is extraordinary:



The Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Johan Boswinkel who has been working with biophotons since 1982 founded the Academy in The Netherlands as part of the Health Angel Foundation. Boswinkel: “If all the information required to control the body’s biochemical processes is in the light that the body emits, and if disturbances in that light disrupt biochemical processes and cause disease — as Popp [German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp] claimed — then it must be possible to ‘examine’ the light and remove the disease. Then you return the ‘repaired’ light to the body. If it works, it will have enormous consequences for everything.” In time, Boswinkel developed a device that uses fiber-optic technology to conduct biophotons to and from the body, continually improving the quality of the light through its biofeedback system.



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