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Turning off
A Virus Called Fear

Fear and anxiety thrive when we imagine the worst.
Breathing is the short circuit for anxiety.
heart_DNA_sineFocus on inner peace and stillness.

Seek becoming greater aware.

an acronym:

A: Accept the anxiety. Don’t try to fight it.

W: Watch the anxiety. Just watch it like it is being projected onto a screen, and when you notice it, scale your level of fear and start to breathe longer on the out-breath.

A: Act normally. Carry on talking or behaving as if nothing is different. This sends a powerful signal to your unconscious mind that its over-dramatic response is actually not needed because nothing that unusual is going on. 

R: Repeat the above steps in your mind if necessary. Repeat until the fear is not stressful and until you feel relaxed about whatever you choose to do next.

E: Expect the best. One of the greatest feelings in life is the realization that you can control fear much more than you thought possible.



Most people are often in a state being preoccupied… forgetful of inner peace (true self); not really present at least during some of their time. Is your mind caught-up sometimes by worries, fears, by regrets, anger, by obsession? That is the state of “being forgetfulness” — here but, not here…. Caught-up by being preoccupied.


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