A Course In Miracles (discussions) is a Facebook group I began as I initiated a Skype study group. Since I began this FB group as a secret group, you won’t find it on your own. However, I’d like to have you, if you want to learn about the course, join me as I prepare to launch new group discussions.

Discussion => Anyone may join the weekly Skype sessions. If you want to join the discussions, let me know here, by FB-chat message, Skype (eric.samsung.hunt) or by e-mail (eric.samsung.email@gmail.com).

New to the course? The Course is a system of mind training is what it really is. Its main objective is to reduce fearful thinking and unconscious guilt and to promote forgiveness, kindness and balance. It is easy going. Students typically share with me that the course opens them to joyfully experiencing and practicing happiness. You might begin with this video introduction, ‘What It Says’ <goo.gl/Lp4IdV>.

All of the discussion assigned reading is available online in easy read pages or as audio programs at Youtube… the links are provided weekly.

I am presently accepting interest for two discussions time slots.

Sundays 7:30 p.m. EST (January 8th)
Saturday 2:30 p.m. EST (January 14)

Any level student will be welcome. The discussions cover all 31 chapters. Students will have the reading assignments and resources almost a week before the next session. There are (typically) 25-30 sessions. There are no fees or expectations. My course main objective is to extend joy and to promote discovering serenity, honesty, openness and comfortable willingness to advance in spiritual growth.

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Is there a science of consciousness?

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