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It isn’t Black or White… conflict divides us more than that. It’s about conflict resolution. Obama may have been oblivious to most of us… but Trump wants to divide us and conquer us. He isn’t a politician. He’s a fascist. Given four more years Trump will take America in the wrong direction so far into suffering, we won’t even recognize what is consensus building. Obama wanted consensus and he was unable or unwilling to do the right things to get it. His mistakes invited the far right into action. They began to look for leaders that can feed their apocalyptic anger.

Robert Reich is a former U.S. secretary of Labor and the author of many books, most recently Common Good. He is a professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley. Reich’s candid, full interview was conducted with FRONTLINE during the making of the two-part January 2020 documentary series “America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump.”

Let’s not forget Obama failed us… because we don’t want his vision taking us deeper into this divide. BUT most importantly for right now… we must remove Trump… vote Biden / Harris. Four years of Trump has made the world less safe, and the damage to our country and the world might be irreversible.

We’ve seen hundreds of well-known Republicans came out against Trump… and… yet, Trump is competitive. Our people are confused and caught up in conflict. Yet, ask them to look at their bias and most will instantly fall back on their prejudices. Trump is what Obama invited into politics.

The Establishment is no more. It’s time to Build Back Better.