My name is Eric… Gingho - a rescue dog by my son has a nice home and family now.

I began blogging here in July, 2013.

I spend a lot more time these days, at Facebook

My focus here will reflect what I do most often with my time. I am a teacher, mentor, researcher, editor/writer.

There is a diversity of ideas at blog sites. I make connections and I research new and emerging ideas and systems mostly. I write.

I blog because it connects me with amazing people and I’ve connected with lots of online friends and their ideas. Its nice to get to know some new friends too — thanks friends!

Most people are visual learners, so I take some time usually to find a video or two that fit with my topics. In this second half of 2015, my focus will be on a what I am preparing, finding heaven within, “living in the fifth dimension,” or in this realm, what it takes for me to be loving kindness. 

I am also a mentor and I work to develop a sense of true spirituality — spirituality: finding meaning in one’s life that draws one to transcend oneself. Spirituality, for me, isn’t about understanding religion. I think of spirituality as an inner sacred wellspring of abundant qualities such as love and compassion, patience, tolerance, gratitude, justice, humility, serene contentment, a sense of harmony, curiosity, wonder, and a desire to be of service that brings happiness to both self and others.

I’m Christian. I like Zen and Tao philosophies and dialog. I have Buddhist leanings. I read Sufi poetry. I think about how we got here and about our purpose; mostly purpose… I think I am average; then I go out in the world and I am humbled to see that I am not. I practice mindfulness and I seek the great value of inner peace. I pray. I appreciate people and I do my best to be loving and that improves over time.

I believe everyone that tries one iota to be loving is doing the best they can right then and there. Anything else is what we don’t want — just a lesson. In my opinion, spiritual life is simple to understand — be loving and compassionate is how I understand His desire for us.

I’m eclectic — so if you explore some, you’ll probably come upon something useful, interesting, fun or funny. Thanks for stopping by. 

In my opinion there is a beginning and an end, but there is uncertainty in between. Its this in between where we find that we have a great need for each other. I came about acquiring this knowledge via difficult times in my young adult life. Since then, I discovered a spiritual solution for living. My awakening came in a moment with a knowing inner vision that in the end we are all again one and there nothing is impossible. I am a monotheistic believer. I promote mindful awareness of God’s grace and I an unconcerned for the religious beliefs that we may cherish as we awaken into God’s will — He is not a religious god; God is pure holy enlivening love; I think. I have some “knowing” now on how healing works — without medicine. I’m posting about it here — a little at a time — and I am working on how to make it simple for support groups. If you want to work with me, I am available. I promote spiritual posts, art, writers, and so on.

I am a mentor and instructor, editor, researcher.



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