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‘We are all Martians’

Chemist’s otherworldly claim stirs debate

see here: http://www.nbcnews.com/science/we-are-all-martians-chemists-otherworldly-claim-stirs-debate-8C11026339 if you have time.

There are some important facts from these theories:

  1. The climates of the two planets were apparently more alike than they are now and there is strong evidence that water once flowed on Mars.
  2. When huge objects (and so on) slam into planets the impact causes showers of matter that can be sent soaring through space to land on other planets.
  3. Mars has been struck by perhaps millions of large objects.
  4. Its estimated that possibly a billion tons of rock has made it from Mars to Earth over millions of years.
  5. The minerals most effective at forming RNA may all have dissolved in the oceans of the early Earth. However, these minerals are thought to have been abundant on Mars during the earliest stages of life developing on Earth.

Okay, the essential life ingredients needed for life to begin here on Earth may be from Mars. Maybe they’re from Saturn’s moon Titan. Its possible that some ingredients came from space … that the exact ingredients for getting life started were from Mars or outer space and that the Earth didn’t have those ingredients.

I don’t see how that makes us Martians. However, we may get more evidence someday as there actually is a team of researchers from MIT, Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) that want NASA’s next Mars rover to probe the planet surface for genetic material. They propose that by analyzing soil and ice samples with a DNA-sequencing microchip they we may determine if we actually do have genetic material that originates from Mars. I’m not holding my breath. I wonder why this topic excites anyone… I wonder what the odds will be… I wonder if bets are even being taken yet… I wonder what’s for dinner tonight.

Most scientists say the next Mars rover (may launch in 2020) should search for existing or recently dead life forms. Apparently, some hold out hope for finding DNA and DNA that matches up with Earth organisms.

DNA senses

Getting another mission off to mars seems to be heating up as a priority thing to do. Hmm… what’s up there? Is there life on Mars? Perhaps, for study of the Earth, Mars is an excellent laboratory. Here is a link to NASA’s story of how Mars presently compares to Earth: Sibling Rivalry. The story includes several good animations… its worth a few minutes.

The best method for finding possible life on Mars is still in the works. I think a lot more technology and thinking will go into the project before the 2020 launch of the next NASA Mars rover. So, we’ll have to wait and see what develops between now and launch time.

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