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I love exploring health and investigating . . . philosophy, science and the deepest mysteries of existence and to post topics related to spirit, consciousness, philosophy, cosmology, physics, biology, psychology, and so on.

I believe science is a useful tool — to be useful as a means for bettering ourselves. I am sure God gave us the capacity to comprehend the amazing wonders of our universe as well as our inner selves. We ought to use our capacities as best we can to be as the intended that God designs us to be. I often post about mindfulness and mindfulness techniques. 

I find that the more inner peace that we attain, the more that we join peace. Within peace, kindness, and within kindness, joy. Mindful techniques and prayer and meditation are areas of wellness that I enjoy describing here.

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New postYou can click on my About page to see a bit more. This blog is a bit eclectic. There is a theme here though — inner peace and spiritual growth. This is my mission: be a kindly father figure.

Often times, my best writing is found in the comments that follow after I post a topic. Comments are good. If you have a related interest, please let me know or if you’d like to collaborate on a particular topic. I very much enjoy working with others.

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