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As I face myself in the mirror…
I’m looking for holiness within my human face… 
that will come along…


I was looking deeper than at my face. I was facing myself just as I’d been doing many dozens of times before, but this is what I need to share  — it was different this time. I was looking through myself and beyond the past of myself, even faster than the speed of light it was. I was really this time in acceptance that I’ve been doing the best that I can do. I know darn well that nothing that I can or did do or even will do makes me worthy of God’s Grace; no matter if I even by some chance may do one thing even perfectly. In fact, I wouldn’t have to work at it to tear up my mental image of myself doing the best that I can — recalling times that I was mean or worse even.Gingho

I’ve been so wondering and cherishing and thinking about positive qualities and training myself in the moment to hold His Love in my heart.

Tearing myself up didn’t work. I’ve done that. These recent years, I’m praying and cherishing God’s Holy Love.

Seeing past my shortcomings — its time to give this a try  — focus on His Love and happiness and that living in the now awareness that compels strong connection to Holy Jesus — is what is best for me and anyone.


I want to see only His Love in my face.

God is maker of all of heaven and earth;
Of ALL that is, seen and unseen,
And if we are without Him,
We do not exist.

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About Jesus Culture

[ sing along – I do! ]


Just one look on your face.
Just one glance of your eyes.
My whole world has changed.
My whole world has changed.
Oh I see – only to see your face.
I don’t want to go anywhere without you God
… without your Presence.

Oh let me see your face.
The beauty of your holiness God.

Take me into the Holy Place.
And only one word comes to mind.
There’s only one word to describe.
Only one word comes to mind.
There’s only one word to describe.
Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty.


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