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So, I want to recall the most important contribution that I think I found about the truth. Meditation promotes well-being by reducing stress, depression, anxiety, blood pressure, addiction, by boosting immune systems and by improving our memory. 

Forty years ago, Matthieu Ricard, a French genetic scientist left an intellectual life, moved to India and took up a study of Buddhism. He is now a western scholar of religion and he was recently claimed by brain research scientists to be the happiest man on the planet.Ricard

His daily routine of meditation made possible amazing brain scans demonstrate that if he is meditating on compassion, Ricard’s brain produces a level of gamma waves never before reported within neuroscience literature.

While his is the pinnacle of measures, you to may change your brain. You have the capacity to heal including all of your emotional confusions. If you set out to accomplish this, you can gradually increase your awareness and your inner peace by mindfulness. You can transform your brain, create new neural circuits and change the way your brain neurons more efficiently will communicate with each other.

This post is just an extract really – you might want to look at Meditation Changes Brains!


see: Meditation Changes Brains!.

FINDINGS Related to anxiety…
this is empirical evidence

about Meditation benefits.
These are FACTS

Meditation helps with Stress
Meditation helps with Anxiety
Meditation helps with Hypertension
Meditation helps with drug abuse
Meditation helps with ADHD
Meditation helps with depression
Meditation helps with Asthma


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