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This is my third year beginning at WordPress. To tell you in one sentence what I’ve learned in these past two years at WordPress, I’ll put it this way:

All of creation is to comprehend together that reality is the experience of expanding kindness. 

Eric.2015-MayThere is no other need for time. We are not humans, planets and stars blowing on a solar wind. We are mind. We are with all that is when we are with being in God’s will. True mind is in His love. This is what is important.

The truth is in our kindness.

I’ve known no greater kindness than contemplating a sense of love with Almighty God.

I’ll share with you a kindness today is that I am worthy of love. You are the worth of my love. My challenge today is to understand that. I pray that God will expand in me today, absolute awareness; His love of you in Him.

I was wondering what I’d most love to share as a kickoff into my third year here. I settled on one of my favorite subjects. I’ve always wanted Einstein to be fun at least and maybe even easy-peezy to understand. So, here is my conclusion for today’s contribution. I hope that this is easy as 15 minutes of your time and as wonderful as a visit with your friend may be.


Einstein’s Relativity: Time Dilation

Einstein: “Any person moving at a constant velocity will observe the same laws of physics that a stationary person observes.”

Since the speed of light is part of the laws of physics, Einstein postulated that all observers will measure the same speed of light regardless of their state of motion. But speed is just a measure of distance moved in a given time and in order to agree on the speed of light different observers might have to disagree about distance and time.


In 1915 Albert Einstein formulated the theory of general relativity which fundamentally changed our understanding of gravity. He explained gravity as the manifestation of the curvature of space and time. Einstein’s theory predicts that the flow of time is altered by mass. This effect, known as “gravitational time dilation”, causes time to be slowed down near a massive object. It affects everything and everybody; in fact, people working on the ground floor will age slower than their colleagues a floor above, by about 10 nanoseconds in one year. This tiny effect has actually been confirmed in many experiments with very precise clocks. Now, a team of researchers from the University of Vienna, Harvard University and the University of Queensland have discovered that the slowing down of time can explain another perplexing phenomenon: the transition from quantum behavior to our classical, everyday world.


The first thing that I felt when I sat back today to begin here was that I’ve missed you all for most of this year while I was working over at my Facebook page. I don’t use WordPress the same way that I’d begun here. This is now a place for pages that I want to feature and not a place where I post a daily update.


Cellular.Eric.FBI connected with more than 1500 friends at Facebook during this past year and my work consumes most of my online time. I hope you will drop on by my FB page if you’d like… really.

My Facebook address is facebook.com/Cellular.Eric


Thanks for visiting.


1 PM, 6/30/2015.