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A pilot is flying three people in a private plane – a Tibetan lama, Christopher Michael Langan (the smartest man in the world), and me. 

GinghoSuddenly the pilot announces: “I have bad news for you. The plane is going to crash. We have to bail out now. Unfortunately, we have only three parachutes and I don’t see any reason why I should die and so, I am taking one of them. Good luck!”

And with that, he jumped out of the plane.

Christopher Michael Langan (the smartest man in the world), said: “Since I am the smartest man in the world, and very valuable to civilization, I am also going to take a parachute and save myself.”

And with that, he leapt out of the plane.

The Lama said: “I have already lived a long and fruitful life and have no need to live longer. Therefore, you may take the remaining parachute.”

“Relax.” I said, putting a parachute on his back. “The smartest man in the world just strapped himself into my backpack.”

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