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Dangerous Ideas
Deepak Chopra and Richard Dawkins
2013, November 9

The first 14 minutes don’t contain debate content — if you are short on time; forward to about 14 minutes.

This debate was to be about religion — I think. However, the debate confronts consciousness — two scientist are unable to agree. In fact they are just about completely opposed with each other.

Chopra maintains that consciousness is the basis for anything and everything. Chopra opens with that all beliefs are “a cover up for insecurity.” He admits that biological organisms are purpose driven — his view indicates that purpose directs even in the smallest of particles. His source is described as consciousness.

Dawkins maintains that consciousness evolves from complex organization and organic mechanisms — as described by Darwin. He denies that the universe is directed by purpose. Dawkins seems to believe that life and the universe just came to be — all on its own and then consciousness came to be — all on its own too. As for people, Dawkins essentially believes that organic substance evolved and then directive components emerged (DNA, brains, mimeme) and then the substance evolved into beings.

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