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The Big Bang Theory


Creation began perhaps 14 billion years ago. Most scientist believe that it was caused by an explosion or expansion of a condensed kernel of energy as it has been called; a condensed particle of sub-atomic substance that somehow managed to become the entire universe even though it was smaller than an atom. Actually, there is some evidence that originates from the premise of the Big Bang (Theory). The useful Big Bang evidence is based on red-shift evidence of light that the universe is expanding — evidence that is 13.7 or more billions of years old. The red-shift of light that we see indicates that light is speeding away from the center of the universe. In other words, space between objects giving off light is increasing. Okay for the speeding part by me… on average light travel is nearly 300 million kilometers per second (671,000,000 mph)… very speedy, indeed. Even galaxies are traveling very rapidly — roughly 400 kilometers per second (900,000 mph).

Mathematically, the density of matter (a singularity its called) at the heart of a black hole is infinitely massive in infinity-no-space… okay, here is where physics is bonkers and why I say the big bang is a theory as silly as the TV show. There is no way that every particle of matter can fit into nothing… nah. Even the mathematicians roll their eyes… physicists do as well. Its cr-Azy. Matter in source is not mater then. This means nothing to us in the universe but matter did not come from nothing. That is absurd as well to believe.

The light and speeds are observable and even though physics has problems with measuring positions and speeds at the same time, there is physical evidence that supports the mathematics. There are problems there too though. 

I’m betting that ancient wisdom eventually prevails…
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Its probably no better than most; it just happened to fit.


I’m wondering if it all started with a theme song



Okay, I’m silly here… but really, a big bang – Nothing is everything ? ? ? ?

Did someone change the equations?



Note: this post is not intended to be seriously challenging any science.
Your personal big bang is occurring all the time is what I actually think… hmm

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