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I love science. However, I do believe that science is meant to partner with (hold hands with) faith and the two ought, in my opinion, be like dear friends. Science once was working in harmony with the faithful — however, we know that the Church many times suppressed scientific findings and there were and continue to be numerous conflicts between religious and scientists. Its wrongful use of authority in the churches to suppress real science.

I think its wrong for religion and science to be popping off against one or the other. What I have to say isn’t to violate science.

Real science is good work making our lives more healthy and making our world a better and safer place to live. We need more responsible science… not less.

I want to take exception with marketing practices of scientism (not science).

Famed theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, was trending after he dismissed the idea of Heaven as “a fairy story.” In an interview with The Guardian, Hawking said, “There is no heaven or afterlife … that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.”

He has been under fire from religious circles before, most recently after his book, The Grand Design argued that god did not create the universe and that The Big Bang was a natural event that created everything from nothing. That didn’t irk me. It made no real difference to me. Most Christians and religious ignored that it can’t be correct. We’ve heard this sort of thing before… its no biggie.

The thing that irks me is his blatant brashness is getting him in the news. His brash ‘fairy story’ statements are being run as news from a scientist; as if we ought therefore fall away from our beliefs.

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He made this up and its making it into science news pages! Wow!

The other thing I didn’t find is that his motive isn’t just to sell his books and gain publicity for his shows and for lasting fame. I found all that. What I didn’t find is that this is an effort to put an end to scientific investigating, by real scientists, of the actual rightful scientific origin of our universe and of our own human lives. Hawking is doing what before his brashness was called using pseudo-science. His recent announcements of theories are not science.

This is what he’s up too… misuse of his power and position… and if I am the first to say so, I surely won’t be the last.

Hawking is misusing his position to misrepresent a few scientific findings with a mix of non-scientific mumbo-jumbo and its to promote his atheist books and papers and his influence with youthful scientist. He’s hiding a mountain size lack of evidence with his scant science and he’s proclaiming there isn’t a creator — saying exactly what science cannot prove as though it were proven.

Since Hawking reduces science to scientism (reductionist materialism), it isn’t a surprise that he began stating his findings with brash unscientific statements.

He is now more famous for criticism of religious beliefs than for his early work as an excellent scientist. He’s reducing himself as a charlatan (impostor, fake, pretender, or swindler); lowering himself like a snake oil remedy salesman proclaims he has the cure for every ailment.

Hawking is practicing scientism,
as much as science. Its wrongful.

Here is the blog story (from my buddy Shaun):

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Looking for reasoning to a complicated world:

Stephen Hawking: 'Heaven is a place for people afraid to die'

Smartest man on Earth. Worth a read this.

Stephen Hawking: ‘There is no heaven; it’s a fairy story’

“A belief that heaven or an afterlife awaits us is a “fairy story” for people afraid of death,” Stephen Hawking has said.


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I want to put the focus where I believe that it belongs, on science that is bringing great benefit to mankind. For example, here are two of the articles that I’ve posted.

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My previous articles discuss how we can change our own brains (as God intends) to improve our brain function and for being compassionate loving men and women.

I myself fix my sights on being loving right here; but I am sure there is a place called Heaven for those that believe.

Here are a couple of guys that say there is an afterlife and heaven is real:

Stephen Hawking, eminent physicist says: no god; nor is there fate; no heaven. He is stating an opinion for effect – for press time. He is misusing his position to stir up controversy.

Here is an article based on real facts of science that proves that science cannot support even one of Hawking’s claims… here is why

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When it comes right down to it, science can’t so far even prove that you and I are “real” in some sense of the definition. There are many competing theories that explore what is real. However, if a person really wants to grow in happiness, it makes good sense to follow high moral and ethical standards and to invest plenty of time in developing of higher awareness (spiritual growth), intuitively knowing that this is best.

Give Our Lord the benefit of believing



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