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One day, all at once in a rush of psychic-spiritual dawning, I realized that God’s Grace is always extended. I’d never before thought about that… I’d previously imaged that every time that I’d taken it upon myself to direct reality that I’d been doing what was necessary or right–and of course kowing that I was sometimes just being willful or selfish. In any case, I’d been acting as though I was god. I vaguely recall knowing or dully acknowledging that I’d had a god-like personality–be right and if need be back it up with might.

I’d been defiant in preferring to consciously miss it that I was to repent my inclination to rule, grandiosities, shortcomings, my offenses against others while been driven by what is right, misgivings and judgments against others, and so on… and missing it that I was to give it up also about holding on to futile regrets.

I hadn’t ever been honest about the reality of my inability to live in gratitude.

Suddenly I wanted the peace and serenity that was my new understanding of God’s promises. Amazingly, gratitude became instantly a true and profoundly empowering attribute of caring and doing God’s Will.


Soon, I wanted to in gratitude of repentance understand Him; for I was quickened to my core to believe then that He alone is Love. He alone is Good. He alone extends Genuine Grace.

Only God Knows Right and does not wrong.

Blogging here reminds me of that moment. I learned that day to look for Him in reality–everywhere. I thought that day that I must seek God in all of my surroundings.

I’m thankful to my wordpress friends and especially lcglidden that we are sharing these moments and I pray that we all may continue to seek God’s Will.

Thanks for visiting.