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how do you do it?

For me, it was a thought process. That’s why it failed. When I listened to my heart and when I directed my mind to bring my heart into my thoughts, the process was energized. We have the feelings that allow us to link up to the powerful God compassion that orders the universe by love. Prayerful thoughts and meditations without heart are words empty of Godly language.Beware though; thoughts may separate us from love. We must eliminate ego from our living and live only in the blessings from our loving God.

What do you make from Gregg’s teaching?

We are part of all that there is. If we’d seek in love to know a compassionate and empathetic self, the resultant changes may result in positive outlook and elevation of spirituality that will surpass our wildest dreams.

Heart-felt prayer and meditation; peaceful serenity — I’ll examine all of this and how it seems essential for us to be maintaining spiritual progress for mental health.

I hope you’ll keep coming back.

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